Automation Tutorials Overview

Welcome to the Automation Tutorials section. Here, you’ll find a range of tutorials spanning from network automation to AI chatbot automation and how to build the automation platform using Docker containers.


Network Automation

Discover the wonders of automating your network processes with tools such as Netmiko, NAPALM, and more.

Tutorial Title Description Link
Network security with eNMS Explain how to use eNMS to enhance your network security using various features such as encryption, authentication, authorization, logging, auditing, etc.
Network troubleshooting with eNMS This tutorial will show you how to use eNMS to troubleshoot your network issues using various tools such as ping, traceroute, SSH, telnet, etc.
Network monitoring with eNMS Demonstrate how to use eNMS to monitor your network devices and links using various metrics such as availability, latency, bandwidth, CPU, memory, etc.
Network discovery with eNMS This tutorial will teach you how to use eNMS to discover new devices and links in your network using various methods such as ping, SNMP, LLDP, CDP, etc.
Event-driven automation This tutorial will explain how to use eNMS to trigger services and workflows from the REST API, and how to pass parameters and data from external sources.
Scheduling services and workflows to start at a later time or run periodically with CRON This tutorial will show you how to use eNMS to schedule services and workflows to start at a later time or run periodically with CRON expressions/
Python script service This tutorial will demonstrate how to turn any python script into a service that can be integrated into the web UI of eNMS.
REST service This tutorial will teach you how to use eNMS to send REST calls to any API endpoint with variable URL and payload, and how to parse the response data.
Ansible service: Store and run Ansible playbooks This tutorial will show you how to store and run Ansible playbooks from eNMS, and how to pass variables and inventory from eNMS to Ansible.
Validation services with Netmiko and NAPALM This tutorial will explain how to use eNMS to validate data about the state of a device using Netmiko, NETCONF, NAPALM, or Scrapli libraries.
Service creation and workflow system How to create custom services using python scripts, and how to combine them into workflows that can run multiple services in a sequence or in parallel.
Network creation and visualization This tutorial will show you how to create and import your network devices and links into eNMS, and how to display them on a world map or a topology diagram.
An Introduction to eNMS This tutorial will give you an overview of what eNMS is, how it works, and what are its main features and benefits for network automation.
Introduction to Netmiko for Network Automation Explore the power of Netmiko for seamless network device automation and configuration.
Benefits of NAPALM for Network Automation Delve deep into the benefits of NAPALM and learn how to use it to configure network appliances.


Artificial Intelligence - AI

Dive deep into the world of AI chatbots, understanding flows, embedding data, and more.

Tutorial Title Description Link
Natural Language Processing for Text Automation Tools and techniques for automating text-related tasks.
Optimizing AI Models for Deployment Techniques for model pruning, quantization, and serving.
Predictive Analytics in Automation Using AI models to forecast future outcomes.
Chatbots and Virtual Assistants Building AI-driven conversational interfaces.
Introduction to AI Automation Basics of AI, Machine Learning, and its application in automation.


Platform building and maintenence with Docker Containers

Harness the power of Docker containers to build your robust automation platform.

Tutorial Title Description Link
Monitoring and Logging in Docker Tools and practices for keeping tabs on containers.
Continuous Integration with Docker Integrating Docker into CI/CD pipelines.
Docker Security Best Practices Securing containers and their communications.
Scaling Applications with Docker Swarm Native clustering and orchestration.
Volume Management in Docker Data persistence in containers.
Container Networking Concepts, patterns, and best practices.
Docker Compose Orchestrating multi-container applications.
Dockerfile Basics Building custom Docker images.
Introduction to Docker Basics of containerization and Docker's role.

Please keep checking back, as we’ll be updating with more tutorials regularly. Happy Learning!

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