Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Eliminate need for expensive proprietary hardware and software

Improved Compliance

Improved Compliance

Ensure policies are enforced across the network. Identify deviation and take corrective action

Increased Agility

Increased Agility

Adapt the platform to your needs with better scalability and faster innovation

No Vendor Lock-in


Compatible with hundreds of hardware and software vendors, preventing vendor lock-in

eNMS - Flowise - LocalAI

Preparing For Your Success

Best in Automation

AutomateNetOps is your ultimate guide to setting up a network automation platform using open-source software, levereging the best in network automation and AI

eNMS enterprise Network Management System

A fantastic GUI drag-and-drop platform for building network automation workflows.

AI Chatbot

Integration of Flowise, LocalAI into eNMS to create intelligent assistants for both network and business operations. Providing a drag-and-drop GUI interface for rapid deployment of AI workflows

Getting up and Running

Our Working Process


Simplified installation

All components are Docker containers which confer the advantages of speed, consistency, portability, encapsulation, isolation and control.


Tutorials and Guides

In-depth guides on network automation and AI topics are regularly added to our site.

Ready to dive in? Begin with our step-by-step installation guides or browse our tutorials to explore more.


Best Practices

Using our years of networking and automation experience we provide the best tips and tricks on how to perfect your automation workflows, improve performance and speed of deployment.


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